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I'm doing my best not to "stoop" to this level - but the truth is FAR from what was posted in a certain person's blog.  This blog claimed that my "ego" was the cause of a band falling apart, when in fact, "ego" had nothing to do with it.  It was a word, however, that started with an "E" but it was not "EGO" -  it was "ETHICS."  It's real tough (sarcasm) to go down anothers musicians' schedule and call every venue and claim some sort of association with them to book yourself after THEIR FATHER THREATENED your girlfriend.  This guy blew it.  All I wanted was a signature that this dude wouldn't screw me over, because I didn't trust him from the start.  And they acted like I asked him for a kidney. THIS WAS A STANDARD INUDSTRY CONTRACT, because I was well aware that he WAS IN THIS TO PROMOTE HIS OWN CAREER.  Took me a whole 10 seconds to figure that out, which is OK I guess, every man for himself; because that's his mentality I guess.  He treated employees of 1 of the 2 shows he played with me terribly. Iron Pigs game.  Lost that one.  Lost gigs there because he chose to stare down the booking person from behind aviator sunglasses when she asked him to turn down his amp.  They agreed to re-book but only if it was just me.  Now, I'm giving him some slack because he's like 22 years old or whatever.  He has a lot to learn, but here's a piece of advice no one else will give him: you don't get anywhere in this business by treating others that way.  No agent will put up with that, and neither would I.  Vandalizing my Wikipedia page??  He's a better guitar player than I am for sure, no question.  But that's NOT all that matters.  What matters is how you treat others.  Talent is part of it, but it's not all of itl it's a piece of the pie.  Not everything.  Fortunately, he has several years to learn this and plenty of time to go down my schedule and bring a mostly underage band w/ him.


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