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I wrote this to a girl a few years ago

OK I am going to go into my past a bit here to TRY and explain some things to you about why I am who I am.  it won't be too terribly detailed but i think you will understand.
You see, i had a HORRIFIC 2007 and 2008 has not been so kind either. Well 2008 was better than 2007.  that year was just absolutely terrible. i remember in November of 2006 sitting outside with my then girlfriend at like 2 in the morning.. we were sitting on this enormous rock behind her house. and I said something like "this is cool, i wanna rock". and she goes, "jordan you do rock." it was just the perfect moment.. a dumb silly thing but so important. You have to realize, that at this point, i thought my life had just completely come to fruit you know. we had a successful band about to go out and play all over the east coast, i signed a contract with one of the most coveted music agents on in the music buisness. i felt like I was one in a million, which was something people had been saying to me, but i never believed them until then. and on top of this, i had a great girlfriend and thought i was in love.
and by Christmas.................... it was all gone. being away on the road just screwed everything up.  I came home at Christmas very bitter about everything, I started using heavily and just let it all crash and burn. the band fell apart only a few months later. my mom and stepdad decided to sell their house and move into this one where it had been just my brother and i for a long time, and not that i don't care about my mom or anything, but you know how it is. my problem has never been a lack of people who cared for me. my problem has been mustering whatever it takes to care about them. Wait, nah, that's not really true either. It sounded clever but it's not really true. i was trying to say I have trouble caring about other people and i just said it in an idiotic way, especially because "not caring" isn't really the thing either. i do care a lot. i care about my family and I care about how my friends are doing and I care about whether they're happy or sad or whether there's anything they need or anything I can do to help... i care about a lot of stuff. I don't have a problem with that kind of caring.

I have a HUGE problem with the kind of caring that involves feeling connected to people because that's supposed to be a more consistent thing and it REALLY comes and goes for me. i guess I'm that way about the world in general. there was a period during my oh-so-wonderful year of 2007 where things were starting to become a little unsafe for me.  i remember feeling so dead to myself, i figured i might as well just finish it off.  though i never did anything, i did think about it.  and like i said to you before.. to me, THINKING about doing it is much worse and much sadder than ACTUALLY doing it.  it just depresses the hell out of me to think of someone


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